Identify standard resources required to construct an installation guide

If you are within an organization which has pre-made templates for this, then definitely check them out. Other than that, VMware provides a lot of evaluation guides which has a step by step process of how to install certain VMware products. Here are a few:

Consider multiple product installation dependencies to create a validated configuration

Order of installation definitely matters. You can’t install vCenter without installing a database server first.

Recognize opportunities to utilize automated procedures to optimize installation

Check out Objective 3.6 on how to setup a scripted install for ESXi.

Create installation documentation specific to the design

Here is how it would look like:

Installing the ESXi Host To install an ESXi host

  1. Configure the host server disk boot order to enable boot from CD.
  2. Boot the ESXi Installer from CD to install ESXi. install-esxi-1st
  3. Press Enter to start the installer. esxi-install-2nd

And the instructions keep going :)